KUWAIT FIRE ACADEMY including the KFD Headquarter with all training and Educational Facilities.

  1. Kuwait Fire Department : Under Construction Ongoing
  2. Project Value : KD 106,00,00.000
  3. Start Date : 06/02/2014
  4. End Date : Ongoing
  5. In Association with ProfiNet & INROS LACKNER AG. (Germany)

Purpose of the project is to improve the current systems of safety and prevention in Kuwait.

The general objectives for this project are:

  1. Protect life and properties from human and natural disaster such as fire, collapses, accidents, destructive incidents and disasters
  2. Improve safety and security situation and reduce fatalities in Kuwait and neighbouring countries
  3. Develop and transfer F.T.C. to K.F.A.
  4. Comply with local standards and international standards and regulations
  5. The work plan for this project is designed to support the KDP - Kuwait Development Plan on national level (Kuwait Development Plan 2010-2014, Kuwait Today, No. 964, 28 Feb. 2010), which allocates huge resources for the future of the country (about 125 billion USD up to 2013/2014).

The specific objectives can be defined as follows:

  1. Increase access to higher education for fireman, instructors, and other organization members in Kuwait from the protection sector, for example from plant fire departments of companies producing and operating in Kuwait, also the oil and gas sector and other industries
  2. Promote academic level and its recognition for learning activities by fireman and other members of the organization in Kuwait
  3. Establish a locally and internationally accredited academy
  4. Establish a system of protection and prevention in advance
  5. Establish Master Plan as per standards for public awareness in the event of industrial, chemical, or other disasters including facilities and qualified staff.