1. Ministry of Finance : Under Awarding
  2. Project Value : KD 44,900,000.000
  3. Start Date : 30/03/2014

The services provided by JQEC cover a wide range of activities and include the preparations of feasibility studies, preliminary design, detailed working drawings, technical specification, bills of quantities, conditions of contract, analysis of tender, supervision of construction, preparation of interim & final payments, control of material testing, plant utilization & cost control, provisional and final taking over of the projects.

The intent of this project is to renovate and develop the Ministries complex' Buildings in terms of Architecture and providing modern services directly related to employees and checkers, preparing the building with means of comfort for persons dealing with it, adding the necessary appliances for the same in addition to works of changing and covering external and internal facades of the building, complete redesign for the main lobby (10) of the building, the main entrances of building no. (7) and (17), equipping them with administrative services, modern and developed information desks, necessary security equipment, mean of transportation from the outside parts to these entrances with pedestrian covered and air-conditioned bridges and the necessary design. Modification, reparation and building for the same.

The allocated site for the project is 150,000 m2. The site is in Mirqab area as shown in the site plan.